About Us

Veterinary ImageBank is the largest database of veterinary photographs on the web.

This project was conceived by a group of Italian vets with a view to making their documentary photographs available to their fellow vets around the world for scientific purposes.
We are convinced that the images disseminated through Veterinary ImageBank, along with the corresponding information, will be both useful and interesting for the scientific community.

To take part in the project and upload your photographic documentation to Veterinary ImageBank, you first need to register.
This will then allow you to save the images that are of interest to you and to upload the photos you have taken.

Please note that in Veterinary ImageBank, the photographer remains the sole owner of the images.
To use the images for educational purposes, it is essential to cite the source and the photographer. Any publication or reproduction of the images is subject to the prior consent of the photographer and of the Veterinary ImageBank site manager. The photographs used may not be modified.


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